Planning and Shopping

Switching to a healthier way of eating always makes demands on your time. It’s hard to accept new habits, and easy to slip back into old ways, but I have noticed that once people start to follow a personalised nutrition plan they find extra energy and motivation to look after themselves – so it turns out to be a win-win.

Key to your successful transition will be planning your shopping and recipes for a few months until your new habits become second nature. To help you, I’m including a shopping list below. It’s not completely exhaustive but it does list nearly all the foods that form part of a healthy diet, and shows you what to avoid most of the time too. You can save it to your iPhone or print it out and use it in conjunction with the recipes you’ll find on the site.

Eating well isn’t as difficult as it seems. Lots of the ingredients on the green and amber lists freeze and store well, making it a simple matter of making sure you always have some fresh vegetables in the house to make a meal. I make that easy for myself by having an organic veg box delivered every week from Riverford. It’s a life saver! I believe it’s a money saver too because by not being in the supermarket too often I’m not tempted to splurge on luxury foods.

Most of the recipes here stick to these traffic light guidelines, though you will find a small amount of dried fruit in some, or maybe some wine or beer in a casserole. Hopefully that will help you to see that nothing is ever off limits for life. Of course we all eat ‘naughty’ foods some of the time. For most of us (those who enjoy good health most of the time) a little of what you fancy may indeed do you good. But if you’re battling any of the big health problems that are challenging our society then sticking with the green list 99% of the time is a good start.

Finally, please don’t buy into the marketing myth that cooking is onerous and time-consuming. I cook our evening meal in an hour every night and I certainly don’t spend all of that time in the kitchen. Actual food prep and serving time can easily be contained within a 20 minute time slot – and the more often you cook, the faster you get!

Download your copy of the shopping list here: shopping-list