Please Share Your Recipes

Courier-Photo-webAt the core of any eating plan should be delicious, satisfying food that allows you to indulge in the sensual and social pleasures of eating. Anything less quickly proves unsustainable. I’ve always loved cooking even before I discovered how to stay slim at the same time. The picture opposite shows me before I embarked on The Dissident Diet!

Following The Dissident Diet involves a new way of thinking about losing weight and a new way of eating so you’ll need plenty of recipe ideas for cooking in and eating out. You’ll find some inspiration by checking out the different meal categories or browsing through the tag cloud.

Feel free to share these recipes with friends and please share your own ideas on the blog including your favourite recipes and the meals and foods you’ve found that make life easier. Add your ideas as comments or send them to me for inclusion (they may be used in future publications). It’s OK to share someone else’s recipe so long as you give them the credit.

TIP: You can keep up with new meal ideas by clicking the Get New Recipes button, opposite.

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