Other great recipes

The web is full of great recipes, and there are too many cook books out there to count. But without someone to point you in the right direction it can be difficult to know where to look. Even websites advertising ‘healthy’ recipes may be coming from a low fat, high fruit and grains angle, so you need to be wary.
Once cd you are confident with your new way of eating you’ll find it easier to find new ideas. You can’t go far wrong with recipes that focus on vegetables and some form or protein (meat, fish, cheese) with a sensible amount of good fats. If you find them recommending low fat products, or artificial sweeteners, it’s time to run.
Even your ‘old’ cookbooks may yield new recipes if you look with new eyes. Most have a few low carb, high fat recipes. I find the Moro books useful, and I love Rick Stein’s India. Nigel Slater is a perennial favourite, especially the first volume of Tender, and Diana Henry’s Cook Simple is brilliant.
I wish I had more time to post my own recipes, and new finds, but It tends to go in fits and starts. So I thought I’d point you in the direction of some other sites with delicious healthy recipes:



Nom Nom Paleo – love these guys.

It Starts with Food – amazingly crazy names, amazingly sane perspectives.

Cook Books

The Nom Nom Paleo cook book is amazing, especially if you want to bring your kids along for the journey:

I love Annie Bell’s books – especially this one: Low Carb Food Revolution

Free-From Christmas Cook Book (That’s not free from Christmas, but Christmas recipes free from food nasties!!)

Happy hunting

Good search terms if you’re looking for recipes that fit the profile are: paleo, LCHF, gluten free, sugar free.

If you find a good recipe that would work on the blog, please share the link below:


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