The Well Cell Smoothie

I love my NutriBullet, and wouldn’t be without it but it’s important to remember that not everything you can pulverise in a cup is good for you: the key benefit of smoothie makers is their ability to reduce foods to micro-particles that bypass our lazy chewing and boost stressed digestion, improving bioavailability of nutrients; the key danger is how easy it is to overwhelm your blood sugar because of the fast absorption.

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Very dark and moussey chocolate cake

This cake will be an (almost) guilt-free addition to the Easter menu this year. A serious hit of dark chocolate combined with some high antioxidant prunes with absolutely no added sugar or flour. I found it in Annie Bell’s Low Carb Revolution cook book and I’ve made it 3 times now for various occasions without anyone realising it’s a ‘low carb’ recipe. The instructions seem long but it really is an easy cake to make. Continue reading