Can’t Believe It’s Not Carbs

This is the place to share the food ideas you’ve come up with to replace the taste or role of carbs in daily life. Please share your own ideas below.

Spaghetti (can be replaced with)

  • spaghetti squash
  • very thinly sliced savoy or white cabbage, lightly steamed or raw if you like the crunch
  • lightly cooked courgette ribbons (steam, stir fry or bake with butter)
  • carrot ribbons steamed until tender

Lasagne Sheets

  • griddled aubergine
  • layers of courgette or marrow

Mashed Potatoes

  • pureed celeriac with parmesan and butter is almost as good
  • white beans also mash very well with olive oil and herbs
  • cauliflower mashes to a lighter consistency and benefits from the addition of butter and black pepper, or mustard,  or pesto, or parmesan.

Cous Cous & Rice

  • grated cauliflower, steamed or gently fried (or give it a quick whizz in the food processor)
  • grated broccoli, if you don’t mind it green, steamed or fried

Sandwich bread

You don’t need to use bread to wrap around your sandwich fillings consider:

  • thin slices of ham
  • lettuce leaves – little gem leaves are perfect

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