Roasted apricots with pistachio and roses

Last night’s simple dessert accidentally turned into something bloggable that I was encouraged to share. I started off by halving some apricots to roast and serve with yoghurt, and the addition of a few extra ingredients along the way elevated it to something special.

This is typical of the way I cook: ask me at teatime what’s for dinner and I often don’t know. There are always good ingredients in the fridge, larder and, increasingly, in the garden, and I love thinking of new ways to put them together. Some combinations work better than others…

Ingredients and method

  • 16 nearly ripe apricots halved and tucked into a quiche dish, cut side uppermost.
  • Two handfuls of pistachios scattered over the top.
  • Juice of one or two fresh oranges.
  • Roast in 180′ oven for 30 to 40 minutes until soft but still in shape.
  • Allow the apricots to cool then drizzle with more orange juice and Turkish rose water.
  • If you have them available, tear up some leaves from Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’ and scatter on top. Alternatively, fresh basil or mint leaves would work. or some orange or lemon zest would add a different vibe.
  • Dress the dish with some whole leaves too, or maybe some rose petals.
  • Add some vanilla and cardamom to a bowl of Greek yoghurt. I used vanilla paste and cardamom drops but any form will do.
  • Serve to your lucky guests!

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