Not mushroom for breakfast?

I find the biggest obstacle to choosing and eating the right foods for every meal is my inbuilt programming of what a meal ‘should’ be. Working with clients, I have learned that breakfast is the meal people find most difficult to reimagine.

Quick breakfasts (non-negotiable for many people) tend to centre around milk and cereal, while the phrase ‘cooked breakfast’ conjures up images of heavy, meaty brunches and lots of time in the kitchen.

Today’s breakfast provided both a speedy solution and the satisfaction of something warm and cooked. It also makes a great side dish with lamb chops.

Mushrooms are an important anti-cancer food that helps to mobilise immune cells, so finding more ways to include them in your diet is always a good thing.

Recipe (if you can call it that!)

  1. Roughly chop some mushrooms and sauté lightly in a small amount butter and olive oil
  2. Towards the end of the cooking time, throw in a handful of hazelnuts.
  3. Finish with a few Parmesan shavings on top to add a salty savoury edge.

Delicious! And all done in 5 minutes flat.


To ring the changes you could add some crumbled gluten free black pudding (I like the Laverstoke farm one), some slivers of prosciutto or chorizo, or crack an egg into the pan at the last minute and scramble with the hot mushrooms. Fresh herbs like basil or oregano would work well if you’ve got them, or even a hint of chilli.


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