Carrot, nut and yoghurt brunch bowl

I must confess, I find ‘during the day’ food a bit of a pain. I really love my evening cooking ritual but I’m too often tempted to cut myself a quick chunk of cheese at midday and carry on working. To cure myself of my bad habits I’ve been trying different brunch bowls. This one works well – and it was especially easy because I made my favourite rainbow room salad last night and simply processed a few extra carrots for later.

I hardly need provide a recipe, but here it is anyway:


  • handful of shredded carrot
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • handful of nuts – pecans, walnuts, flaked almonds or salted peanuts
  • a few dried cranberries or sultanas – or some orange segments
  • a generous dollop of whole milk organic yoghurt.


Assemble and eat. It’s really delicious: fresh and filling without any faff.

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