An Italian Picnic

We’ve just returned from a few hot and heady days in Rome enjoying some delicious food –and arrived home in time for an English heat wave.

Scallops and bacon with samphire and peas

I’ve recently subscribed to Fishbox in an attempt to get more fresh fish into my diet which is both responsibly caught and carefully selected. My first couple of boxes have been a great adventure and I’m looking forward to eating a wider variety of fish more regularly.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

There are endless variations of this recipe out there. Here’s mine. Now for a confession – it started out as an ordinary chocolate mousse but it didn’t set – so I tipped the mixture out of the little pots and back into my trusty NutriBullet, added and avocado, and the result was delicious enough to…

Oliver Twist Broad Beans

Not everyone likes them, in fact a lot of people don’t, as I was reminded on Saturday evening when I served a large dish of fresh broad beans at supper with friends. Whoops! My long standing friend with a long standing dislike of the most unloved bean was polite enough to try them – and then ask…

Courgettes with ricotta and wild garlic

I love it when the wild garlic arrives in my Riverford box, the smell reminds me of childhood country walks, and the flavour is so much fresher and lighter than bulb garlic.